Frequently Asked Questions about Aphraheals


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Can AH cause an allergic reaction?

This rarely happens. The bag itself is made of Abaca, a banana variety from the Philippines. The plant is also known as Manila hemp. In addition, the most important ingredient of AH is the flour of sea salt and hardly anyone is allergic to this.

How long does a bag Aphraheals (AH) last?

You can use the bag in two different ways depending on which method you choose.

Method one: Are you using AH to treat and infected piercing? Then we recommend that you use it once and throw it out afterwards.
Method two: Are you using AH as aftercare for a piercing that is not infected? You can make a solution using AH and water and use this solution for a period of 7 days.

How did Aphraheals come about?

We took years to develop AH in our Amsterdam studio, PiercingsWorks.

Can I also treat pimples using AH?

You certainly can! This remedy is particularly good for acne. You will achieve the best results when you leave the Band-Aid with AH on all night. You can use it in the same way as you would with an infected piercing. Usually the pimple dries out and becomes pus-free after one night.

Is it normal to experience itchiness in the areas where I use AH?

Yes, it is normal to experience different sensations in the area where you apply an AH patch. These sensations indicate activity, extracting pus from your wound, and calming any inflammation.