Aphraheals Piercing Sea Salt Band-Aid Against Inflammation

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1 box - € 16.95

Aphraheals Piercing Sea salt band aid against inflammation- limited availability

1 box - €12,50

4 sachets with sea salt flour+1 free, 5 pipettes, 5 band aid

120 boxes - €700,-

4 sachets with sea salt flour +1 free, 5 pipettes, 5 band aid


I have used this product for a moisture bump near my nose. Following the advice of my piercer, I used Tea Tree oil, but this did not help me. After two nights of sleeping with the sea salt bags, the bump has completely disappeared! I am very satisfied with this product!


My daughter’s helix piercing got infected and we got this gauze bag. It works well. The dirt and the inflammation have now become much less. We went back to the shop because the piercing had fallen out and they were very friendly and helpful and we even got a bag to clean the last bit. Very good. 

I Sprado
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